Guide for filming
and recording

For those who wish to shoot or film inside the Namsan Hanok Village for movies, TV shows, dramas, or for commercial advertisements or publication in magazines or other periodicals, please send this attached application form through fax or post (5 days before shooting, 20 days before rent). We will review it and send you the results within 1-2 days.

For other details, please contact the Namsangol Hanok Village management office.
Phone   |     02-2264-4412
Fax         |     02-2264-4414

Filming that needs
 prior permission-

  • Film dramas, commercial films, TV dramas
  • Cultural films, TV or VTR excluding drama
  • Photos used for commercial advertisements or for publication in magazines or other periodicals 

Filming charge

  • Film dramas, commercial films, TV drama : Basic (2 hours) 200,000 KRW, Overtime (per 1 hour) 50,000 KRW
  • Cultural films, TV or VTR excluding dram : Basic (2 hours) 100,000 KRW, Overtime (per 1 hour) 30,000 KRW

Space charge

  • Less than 1,650㎡ : 360,000 KRW, Overtime (per 1 hour) 50% of basic fee
  • No less than 1,650㎡, less than 3,300㎡ : 720,000 KRW, Overtime (per 1 hour) 50% of basic fee
  • More than 3,300㎡ : 1,080,000 KRW, Overtime (per 1 hour) 50% of basic fee
  • The used space area is calculated as the total of the area of the event location and the extra facilities.
  • For nighttime use, 100% is added to the fee stipulated above (including the overtime charge), The additional rate cannot exceed 100%.
  • If the time of use is less than 1 hour, it is calculated as 1 hour.
  • Division of day and night: Daytime (06:00~18:00), nighttime (18:00~the next 06:00)
  • The hourly rental fee for the Namsangol Hanok Village Traditional Garden is 20 KRW per 1㎡.(30% of the basic fee is added in the nighttime)

Approval procedures

For approval, please submit following documents to the Historical and Cultural Properties department 5 days before the shooting.(in Korean)
  • The filming approval application from (printed hard copy of the attached material)
  • The related shooting scenario and plan
  • Safety protection measures of the used cultural assets and facilities

Conditions for approval

  •  Any action that damages the artifacts or damages its dignity is forbidden.
  • Any shooting or filming of murder, arson, violence or other immoral actions is forbidden.
  • Any action that causes the inconvenience of others is forbidden.
  • Any items or equipment, facilities for the purpose spraying artificial rain, snow, fog etc. are forbidden.
  • Any items with the danger of fire are forbidden.
  • Any items or equipment that may cause damage to the artifacts are forbidden.
  • Camera cars, horse wagons, horses or other animals are forbidden.
  • Shooting or filming within the cultural facilities can be stopped if found smoking.
  • In the case of nighttime filming, approval must be received a week in advance, and filming is permitted only until midnight.
  • The charge for using the facilities must be paid before use.
  • The Namsangol Hanok Village is closed very Mondays, so filming is impossible.
  • Cars are prohibited, with the exception of vehicles of equipment.
  • Support regarding vehicle entrance and the traditional garden :  Namsan Hanok Village Management Department   |  02-2264-4412

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