How to Rent
 the Seoul Namsan Gukakdang

The Seoul Namsan Gukakdang, located within the Namsan Hanok Village, is a theater exclusively for Korean traditional music performances with the exterior design of a traditional Hanok. It is located underground, but the Sunken garden allows lighting and ventilation. The stage is structured in a thrust shape, a combination of the Western proscenium and arena format, to form the shape best for performing our traditional music. The stage can change its structure to accommodate various performances from classical music (proscenium structure) to Korean traditional music (thrust structure). By using a special wood that does not absorb sound as the interior finishing material, the minute echoes of the gayageum can be felt equally wherever the audience is seated.

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 Dressing Room

Gukakdang B1 lobby &
Inner Court


Rent Charge


Included in the Basic Rent Charge
  • The stage, lights, audio equipment and additional facilities that are free to use, air conditioning and heating
  • Actor dressing room and common facilities and spaces
  • Theater usher services such as the house manager
  • Basic technical staff (no separate technical support)

  • The rent fee is charged according to the number of performances, but for special performances, the fee is separately decided.
  • For performance rent, the rent time is from one hour before the start of the performance to the end of the performance
  • For event rents, the space can be used from 3 hours before.
  • Trial performances, open rehearsals, and other events for educational purposes follow the performance rent fee.
  • If pull out is completed within one hour after the end of the performance, the rent fee is not charged.
  • As a rule, rent before and after the possible facility use time is impossible, but if needed, 200% of the basic rent fee is charged.
  • Usage for additional facilities or technical staff support is separately charged.
  • The rent time starts from 2 hours before the start of the performance to the end of the performance.
  • As a default, the rent fee is charged according to the number of performances.

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