The Namsangol Hanok Village consists of 5 hanoks, Gukakdang(Traditional Music Theater), Traditional Garden and Seoul Millennium Time Capsule Square. It is a place full of pleasure for those who seek traditional culture out. NHV presents a new value to tradition and suggests a contemporary living culture.

Hanok Village in Pil-dong on the northern foot of Namsan was a famous summer vacation spot during Joseon Dynasty with its valley and Cheonugak Pavilion. It was also called Cheonghak-dong, the place where the gods live, because of its beautiful scenery.

This place was hanyang Top 5 picturesque sceneries along with Samcheong-dong, Inwang-dong, Ssanggye-dong and Baegun-dong. City of Seoul moved and restored five hanok houses of folklore heritage that were scattered in the city and established NHV on April 18th 1998. It is now a traditional culture and art space that can reexamine the lives of our ancestors.

Carpenter Yi Seung-eop's House
In Samgak- dong 36-2, Samgak-dong,
Jung-gu, Seoul near the Cheonggye-
cheon Stream, Relocated and Restored 
Seoul folklore Heritage No. 20

The house was built by master carpenter Yi Seung-eop in the 1860s, who participated in the reconstruction of Gyeongbokgung Palace from 1865 to 1868. A special roofing technique was used for the anchae (inner quarters), kitchen, and the main room, whose front and back roofs are different in length. The banisters and toenmaru (wooden porch) all around the anchae depicts the convenient and practical beauty of
classical architecture. This house clearly shows the Seoul residential culture and construction techniques in late Joseon dynasty.

General Kim Choon-yeong's House
In Samcheong-dong 125-1, Samcheong-
dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 
Relocated and Restored
Seoul folklore Heritage No. 8

Built in the 1890s, this house belonged to Kim Choon-yeong, who served as the General of the Five Commands during late Joseon. Though it takes the general style of a commoner’s house, the firewall facing the street gives an elegant construction to the house. Also, we can see how hanok adapted to urban, populated surroundings
through the main gate, which is curved instead of being straight, and the efficient way of arranging each unit of the building.

Min Family's House In Gwanhun-dong30-1, Gwanhun-
dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Relocated
and Restored National Folklore
Cultural Heritage No 18

This building which is presumed to be built in the 1870s is a part of Min Yeong-hui (1852-1935) mansion. While relocating and remodeling the remaining inner quarters “anchae”, the opposite room which was torn down, got restored. The sarangchae (guesthouse) and byeoldangchae (separate house) was rebuilt. The house displays the uppermost class through some features, including the rare type of parallel arrangement of the main room and the kitchen, and its spacious wooden structure with two goju (interior columns).

Yun Taek-yeong's Jaesil
In Jegi-dong 224, Jegi-dong,
Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul,
Relocated and Restored
Seoul folklore Heritage No. 24

This house was established by Haepung Buwongun Yun Taek-yeong in 1907 when his daughter, Empress Sunjeonghyo, became the wife of Emperor Sunjong (1874-1926). The main purpose of this building was to provide a comfortable space for Emperor Sunjongduring his stay for ancestral rites. The house has form of 元 which is rare in Korea, where the family shrine is situated over ground, and the sarangchae
and anchae are symmetrically built.

Yun Family's House  In Ogin-dong 47-133, Ogin-dong,
Jongno-gu, Seoul, Restored and
Newly Built

This house is presumed to be built in the 1910s. It belonged to Yun Deok-yeong, the uncle of Empress Sunjeonghyo (1894-1966). The house is a replica, due to the original house being too fragile and damaged to be relocated. The spacious square-shaped anchae has a floored room that was used as a sarangchae, and the main gate
at its side. The top of the anchae front column is decorated in an Ikgong-style.

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