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Closed on

Every Monday


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Opening Hours

09:00-21:00 (Apr to Oct)

09:00-20:00 (Nov to Mar)



Get off at Chungmuro Station (Line 3 or 4). Five minutes' walk from

exit 3 or 4



Get off at Toegyero 3-ga-Hanok Village-Korea House Station

7011, 104, 105, 140, 421, 463, 507, 604, N16, 02, 05, 90S Tour,

6001, 6015



No parking space available. Please use public transportation.

Yes, they can be rented at the management office at the Main Entrance. You need to write down your phone number and leave your ID card, which will be returned to you when you bring back the stroller and/or wheelchair.

There is the Cafe & Shop 1890, which carries various souvenirs while serving as a tea house as well. There is also Cafe Dalgang which is located in the Seoul Namsan Gukakdang.

We offer diverse programs such as performances, experience programs, seasonal events, and festivals.


We have various programs aimed at promoting traditional Korean culture. The most popular ones are the Han Style Cultural Programs (Hanbok try-on, Rice cake making, etc.). For more information, please refer to Experience.

You can book on website( It has foreign page or please refer to Experience.

Please call us at 02-2263-0854 for more information.

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(영문 입력 필요) 남산골한옥마을의 소식을 보다 빠르고 편리하게 접하기를 원하시는 분들께 매월  뉴스레터와 웹진을 통해  행사와 공연소식을 이메일로 보내드립니다.