Traditional Garden Amenities

Namsangol Hanok Village restored the damaged topography by growing native trees of Namsan and created a valley. The pond and pavilions were restored so that we too can appreciate what our ancestors used to relish during their leisure time

Cheongnyujeong Pavilion  

A hexagonal pavilion where you can hear the water flow

Gwaneojeong Pavilion &
Gwaneoji Pond 

A square shaped pavilion with a straw roof and a pond with a view of fish swimming.

Mangbungnu Pavilion 

This pavilion symbolizes the longing for the king overlooking the Geunjeongjeon the north foot of Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Pigeumjeong Pavilion  

A square shaped pavilion with a straw roof that signifies true friendship by opening up your heart to your friends.

Cheonugak Pavilion, 
Cheonghakji Pond

This was a summer vacation spot during the Joseon dynasty. Now it is a pavilion
 where many people can gather around.

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