2024. 04. 04 ~ 2024. 10. 04
7:30 PM
60 minutes
Min Family's House in Gwanhun-dong
32 Seat(s)
over 7 years old
All seats 30,000 Won
- TITLE: 2024 Namsangol Hanok Concert
- DATE & TIME: Apr 4th, 2024 (Thu) ~ Oct 4th, 2024 (Fri) / On the Thursday and Friday of the first week of every month, 7:30 PM
- VENUE: Namsangol Hanok Village @Min Family's House in Gwanhun-dong
- TICKET PRICE: All seats 30,000KRW
- AGE LIMIT: over 7 years old
- Period for general sale: Mar 19th 2024 (Tue) 14:00~
▶ Ticket booking guide
1. This performance is Non-reserved for all seats. Reservations are only available on Interpark Ticket.
2. Tickets purchased or acquired through a different route than the designated reservation office cannot be cancelled or refunded.
3. Cancellation/change/refund can only be made at the booking office where you reserved the ticket. You cannot change or refund after the closing time of ticket reservation/cancellation or performance date.
4. It is prohibited to resell the ticket after purchasing it.
Illegal tickets will be cancelled without notice by the authority of the organizers, and we inform you that you will not be able to enter the concert hall even if you bring your tickets with you on the day of the concert.
5. Please understand that preschoolers under the age of 7 are not allowed to attend the concert with their guardians.
▶ Ticket receipt guide
1. On the day of the performance, ticket booths are operated from 1 hour prior to the start of the performance to 30 minutes after the start of the performance. (※ If all tickets are sold out, there is no ticket sale on site.)
2. The tickets lost, stolen or damaged will not be re-issued at any case, therefore, we kindly request that you take extra care to safeguard your tickets.
3. All cancellation, exchange or refund requests on the day of the performance will not be accepted. Failing to present the relevant proof for discount to the ticket box at the venue, will cause paying the difference on the ticket box at the venue.
▶ Admission and performance reception
1. This performance is taking place inside Hanok, The seats are not assigned. (Non-reserved seat)2. Audience entry will begin 30 minutes before the show begins, and the operating hours may change depending on the on-site conditions.
3. Please enter the venue 5 minutes before the show begins to ensure a smooth operation.
4. Once the show begins, entry will be restricted to avoid disturbing other audience members. If you are not enter the venue for any reason, cancellation, refund, and exchange are unavilable for the ticket.
5. Those who don't possess tickets will not be allowed to enter the venue whatsoever. Please make sure the tickets don't get lost or damaged.
6. There is no separate storage area in the concert hall. Please pay attention to the storage of valuables. The organiser/maintenance is not responsible for the loss, theft, incident or accident caused by his carelessness.
▶ Show Guidelines
1. The running time of this performance is 1 hours.
2. Aside from the authorized segments of the show, photography, video recording, and live streaming are strictly prohibited during the performance. You must delete all recorded/filmed data if caught. Repeated violations may lead to staff intervention or being asked to leave the venue. Your ticket will not be refunded if you are asked to leace the venue for the above reason.
3. Please refrain from actions causing inconvenience to fellow audience members.
4. Any food or beverages other than water are not allowed inside the venue.
5. On the event days, there may be cameras filming and recording the event. These recordings will be used for future performance material. Please be aware that you may appear in these recordings.
▶ A traffic guide
※A separate parking space is not available in the venue.
Please use public transportation whenever possible.
- When using public transportation
Subway: 7-minute walk from Exit 3·4 of Chungmuro Station on Line 3·4
Bus: Main line 7011, 104, 105, 140, 421, 463, 507, 604, etc. / Namsan Shuttle bus No. 02, 05, 90s tour